Recombinant Proteins

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Beta Lifescience is an evolving biotech company providing excellent quality recombinant proteins worldwide. The recombinant proteins of highest quality are rigorously tested to meet the demand in research and development. Beta Lifescience provides recombinant proteisn with uncompromising biological activity at competitive prices.
As a leading supplier of recombinant proteins, Beta Lifescience is proud to offer the highest quality recombinant proteins supported by extensive research, development, and validation. We are committed to the highest standards of product performance, and our scientists are dedicated to accelerating your discoveries.

Key Features of our Recombinant Proteins:

Wide Coverage

  • 10,000+ recombinant proteins covering most genes;
  • Multi sources (CHO, E. coli, Yeast, HEK293, Sf 9 Insect cells, Sf21…);
  • Multi species (Human, Mouse, Rat, Canine, Rabbit, Monkey, Pig…);
  • Various tags and Tag free (His, Fc, GST, Flag…) 

Quality Guaranteed

  • High purity: most of the recombinant protein products are above 95% pure by SDS-PAGE;
  • Validated bio-activity using functional ELISA and/or other activity assays;
  • Lower endotoxin level: less than 0.1 EU per μg protein by LAL assay;


    42200 products