Tumor Necrosis Factors and Receptors (TNFs)

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The TNF superfamily plays a pivotal role in modulating immune responses. These proteins, produced by white blood cells in response to antigens or infections, can also be synthesized in the laboratory. TNFs are known to enhance a person's immune response while causing necrosis (cell death) in specific tumor cells. As a type of cytokine, TNFs are being extensively studied for their potential applications in cancer treatment.

TNFs and their receptors naturally exist as trimeric structures. The trimer-stabilization of the TNFRSF occurs when TNF-α and TNFR1 bind together in the extracellular domain of TNFR1. This binding event effectively stimulates downstream pathways, leading to the induction of apoptosis.

Beta LifeScience is a leading supplier of high-quality recombinant proteins designed for researchers studying the intricate interactions between tumor necrosis factors (TNFs) and their receptors. Our TNFs and Receptors product collection offers an array of proteins to support your investigations in immune response regulation, apoptosis induction, and cancer therapy development.


  • Multiple expression platforms
  • High bioactivity
  • Low in endotoxin (<1EU/µg
  • High batch-to-batch consistency


    536 products