1. Why are the some of the recombinant proteins lyophilized?

    Lyophilization technique is used to increase the stability and shelf life of recombinant proteins. What’s more, Lyophilization may cause loss of activity or aggregation of the recombinant proteins

    2. What is the expiry date of recombinant protein?

    The protein is stable for at least 1 year from the date of its export at the mentioned storage conditions prior to its reconstitution.

    3. How to reconstitute the lyophilized powder?

    We recommend using sterile water for reconstitution. Please reconstitute the recombinant proteins using the protocol mentioned in our datasheets.

    4. What is the endotoxin level of the recombinant protein?

    Proteins that have a endotoxin level section mentioned in our data sheet were tested. If there is no endotoxin level mentioned, you need to assess the final endotoxin levels in the protein sample prior to the experiment.  We recommend you to order our smallest vial to have a test first.

    5. Can I use Beta Lifescience’s protein or antibody products in/on Humans?

    No, our protein or antibody products can only be used for research and laboratory purposes only and they cannot be used in and/or on humans.

    6. Do you have MSDS for your products?

    Yes, if you need, we will send the MSDS to you through email.

    7. Where are your products shipped from?

    Our products are shipped from our US lab using FedEx/UPS/DHL.

    8. Can I get a discount off the retail published prices?

    Send an email to info@betalifesci.com and our sales representative will contact you within 24h.

    9. How to order from your company?

    We accept purchase order(po) and credit card order. You can place your order through phone, email or Fax.

    10. Do you accept Purchase Orders?

    We accept purchase orders (30 days payment terms) by email to info@betalifesci.com or by fax.

    11. What information is needed when placing an order?

    Your Purchase Orders should contain the following information:

    PO number; Organization letter head; Recipient name; Shipping address; Billing address; Email address; Phone number and Product information.

    Please send your PO via email at info@betalifesci.com or via fax at: +1 323-978-5598.

    12. Can you please send me your W-9 form?

    Yes, we are a US company, we can send you a copy of W9 through email.

    13. How do I pay for the order?

    You can pay by check, wire transfer and credit card.

    14. What is the country of Origin?


    15. Where do you ship to?

    We ship to all the countries by express courier delivery.

    16. Can I have a pro-forma invoice?

    We are happy to provide pro-forma invoices - please email us at info@betalifesci.com.  

    17. Return and Replacement Policy

    Quality is important to Beta Lifescience. Therefore, if a product does not perform as described on the datasheet please notify us within 12 months of delivery. Please send email or call us.