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Protein Crystallization
Protein Crystallization

Protein Crystallization Service

Beta Lifescience has accumulated considerable experience and expertise in protein crystallization service. Our unique protein crystallization platform is available to remove the drug target structure determination bottleneck. Our team carries out the high-resolution structure determination by X-ray crystallography to support your drug discovery projects.  We will provide you the one-stop solution according to our customer's request.

Protein Crystallization Service includes:

►Robotic nanoliter-scale screening and imaging
►Crystallization condition screen
►Determination & Screening with known ligand
►Co-crystallization of Protein-compound; Fragment screen by soaking or co-crystallization

X-ray Crystallography:
     ●  Scaled and merged diffraction data
     ●  Electron density maps
     ●  Structure interpretation
     ●  Complete atomic coordinates
Key Features of Protein Crystallization Service:

♦ Professional Scientists
♦ Instruments: TOF LC-MS, AKTAs, HPLC, Wave bioreactors, Mass spectroscopy, Clonpix, Mosquito nano-liter robot, et al.
♦ Cost Effective
♦ Fast & Reliable


Quotations: Email your Protein Crystallization Service inquiry to We will send you a formal quote within 24h.